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Teignmouth Touring Theatre Company

Our new Honorary Patron and President - Richard Everett -

It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce that Richard Everett, author of Entertaining Angels, has graciously consented to become our Honorary Patron and President .  It is very fitting that the writer of the play that gave rise to the formation of 3tc should accept a role so vital to our Company.  We are very grateful to him for his agreement.

To know more about Richard and his work, visit or follow him on Twitter @RichdEverett

“I am delighted to accept the invitation to become the Honorary Patron and President to The Teignmouth Touring Theatre Company (3TC) and be part of this new and innovative project bringing live theatre to wherever its audience might be found in the locality.

My play Entertaining Angels has been encouragingly well received all over the world so I am further delighted that it was not only chosen as 3TC’s inaugural production but is proving such a critical success. Congratulations to all! And thank you again to 3TC for the invitation. Upward and onward!” Richard Everett.

Richard’s  contribution to ‘The Lady’s Not For Burning’ Programme 2016 -

Welcome to this evening’s performance. Following the production of “Entertaining Angels” last November, I was delighted to be invited become 3tc’s Honorary Patron and President. I was especially moved by the company’s ‘mission statement’ which I urge you to look at when you have a moment*.  It touches on the broadness of drama and the company’s ability not just to entertain but create opportunities for emerging talent and communicate in all sorts of contexts.

Working as I do sometimes with adults with ‘learning difficulties and special needs’ I am amazed at how drama can be a powerful alternative language for those who have difficulty using words. It becomes a tool for ‘showing’ us something rather than ‘telling’ us, which is the essence of good theatre.  And as a playwright I am constantly intrigued by the way this art form can unlock so many different doors. It fascinates me how a play, once written, gains a life of its own and characters reveal their own stories in a way that I, the writer, simply didn’t expect. I realise I am the servant of the piece not its master - merely a conduit to ‘somewhere else’. It is a wonderfully mysterious art form. So, whenever I attend rehearsals of my own work, from the outset I make it clear to the actors that I am there not to protect my play but, with their help and expertise, to find out what I have written. The learning never stops and the exploring never ends!

So here we are. 3tc is a new company bringing theatre in all its forms to you in your locality. That is a wonderful brief in itself – the troupe of travelling players is a tradition going back centuries. Starting anything is always difficult – my computer is full of ideas that I’ve started but have yet to find their legs. But 3tc now has its legs and is firmly on the road with this award-winning play by a wonderful writer of the late 1940’s, Christopher Fry. Surprisingly, ‘The Lady’s Not For Burning’ has not had many theatrical outings in recent years, so it is great to see 3tc changing that. I wish them well with this and all their future endeavours. It is a privilege to be part of such an innovative venture – do support them in every way you can and become fellow travellers on their inspiring and challenging journey. Have a good evening!