Mission Statement:

Our aim is to bring both popular and esoteric theatre to communities throughout Devon and the South West of England.  We seek to encourage young people to engage with us in drama in its many forms and to provide opportunity for both experienced and inexperienced adult thespians to give wings to their talents.  By knowledge and experience exchange amongst members and through invited tutors, we will further educate all participants, whether performing or observing, in the life-enriching world of the performing arts.

About 3tc

We established our company in May 2015 to provide a further platform for theatre people to exercise their talents.  It is not our intention to draw people away from their existing societies but rather to complement the opportunities already open to them by offering a peripatetic vehicle to give freedom and encouragement to their artistry through touring productions to wider communities.
Our members are drawn from theatre societies throughout South West Devon and have various levels of experience and talents.  Some are new, some are old (in experience!), some are performers, some are technicians, some are backstage crew – and some are all of those things!  It is to be hoped that 3tc can become a centrepoint for societies throughout the area to come for networking  and casting when the usual processes fail.