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Hannah is a young mother grieving over the death of her little boy killed by a drunk driver. When her psychotherapist suggests that she should replace the ‘monster’ of the driver with the ‘man’ by visiting him in prison, she angrily dismisses the idea as grotesque.

What follows is a cauldron of emotions, compassion, indiscretions and confessions. Little by little stories reveal that, while everyone was responsible for what happened that day, no one was to blame.

Following the tremendous success of

 “ Something to Say” in 2018, 3tc returned to the stage in January 2019 with another stunningly insightful play by Richard Everett.

See below for some of the reactions!

What people said :-

It was an exceptional piece of theatre that spoke directly to the emotions. Rebekah Hayden was extraordinary in the lead role, portraying Hannah, a grieving mother wrestling with a turbulent maelstrom of feelings, following the tragic death of her young son. Her ability to switch between contrasting extremes of emotion was breath-taking!  She took us with her on a roller coaster ride through grief, anger, bitterness and betrayal, to some kind of redemption and, ultimately, peace.

The entire cast were excellent. David Warren, as Jamie.  The delicate touch he brought to the role allowed their interactions to be both poignant and charming.

Gary Freemantle, as Leo, ably demonstrated the very different way that the bereaved father handles (or doesn't handle) his grief.

The therapist, Carla, was convincingly and compassionately played by Jackie Wesley-Harkcom.  Jackie's calm assurance in the role marks a triumphant return to the stage after many years of directing.

Phil Wesley-Harkcom's portrait of the imprisoned driver was masterly.  He captured the resigned realism of the character perfectly.

That Phil also directed the play is testament to his multi-faceted talent. Exploiting the almost claustrophobic intimacy of the Ice Factory to full advantage, he created a dynamic, three dimensional production with which we had no choice but to fully engage. He conducted the ensemble cast skilfully, drawing out true-to-life performances and vivid interactions. He managed the cut and thrust of the many lightning fast scene changes, brilliantly.

The play itself is a wonderful piece of writing. Richard Everett has crafted a fascinating study of loss, blame and the power of forgiveness. Through Hannah's interaction with Carla, he catalyses the peeling away of defensive layers of fury, denial and blame. As the drama unfolds, each of the characters' inner turmoil is revealed. Each revelation pulls a bit more of the carpet out from under our feet until, at the end, like Hannah, we are left  contemplating whether we could ever forgive the perpetrators of our worst fears. The radiant smile that dawns on her face tells us that it has to be worth the attempt.

Precised critique by Richard Ford

"Demons" had its UK premiere at The Ice Factory Studio Theatre last night and what an incredibly powerful piece it is.  Starring Rebekah Hayden as Hannah, "Demons" gives an incisive portrayal of how the desire to blame can completely override any rational understanding of responsibility.  Rebekah is ably supported by:
Jackie Wesley-Harkcom as Carla, her psychotherapist;
Gary Freemantle as Leo, Hannah's husband
David Warren as Jamie, an old friend; and
Phil Wesley Harkcom as Mr Carter, Hannah's nemesis.
The quality of the acting was superb and Rebekah's ability to transform herself in front of your eyes was a masterclass in expression.  This is an intense experience and left a number of people virtually speechless at the end of the performance.  But boy was it worth it!
This production comes highly recommended.
Dave Renwick, Chairman, Teignmouth Players

Local am dram takes a step-up with the current 3tc production of 'Demons' (Final performance tonight (Sat) at Teignmouth's Ice Factory). This first production in English of Richard Everett's magnificent drama of bereavement was all I had come to expect (and more) from this talented company of expert dramatists. Rebekah Hayden portrays the 'Why did this happen to me?' fury over her son's death with conviction, and her up-close delivery in the almost claustrophobic setting was devastatingly real. With a convincing cast of beautifully observed characters and Richard's ability to turn cameos into fully-fleshed, complicated characters, this play must be seen.

John Miles - Author of Thespis

And many, many more!